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We offer great services in many corners of the world, in many cultures, countries and cities. We are open for and welcome any invitations to teach and share our experience, knowledge and skills to assist you and any individual or organisation in your visions on education, including for personal and community growth.

Take a look at the programs further down in which you could directly assist our organisation’s mission and you can also directly contact us with your own enquiries and ideas as well. We are here to serve, to learn and together evolve.

SUPPORTING EVENTS <br />Doing What’s Needed

Doing What’s Needed

Our practices empower individuals and communities of the world and deliver the support they need, when they need it. Art and healing is an integral aspect in our life for self development, community harmony and growth.

Artists, as well as other people, find it hard at times to survive and hence it is challenging for them to be part in some of the projects, festivals or residencies.

We do offer scholarships and exchange work opportunities, however your contribution could be vital to sponsor an individual in need. To find out more how you can assist, do get in touch now.

EDUCATION & OUTREACH <br />Being In Service

Being In Service

All of our efforts pertaining to our educational programs involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them.

We evaluate our success in this field by the invaluable feedbacks and testimonials we receive from our participants throughout the years.

We are trying to keep a close connection after the workshops, projects, festivals and residencies to assist the participants as much as we can in their future growth in life and career.

To benefit from our educational programs and to assist and contribute in our mission, get in touch now to find out more how.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Through our Community Development that focuses on the self, relationship and group work, we have the potential to make a real and positive change for the individual and the greater community.

To focus on the actual group work, we nurture and support all its comprised-parts, the many individuals that create the community. Our values, Unity, Synergy, Integration and Collaboration create the right environment for greater projects to be implemented, thus to help communities across the world grow more.

Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

DONATE & INVEST <br />Co-Create With Us

Co-Create With Us

UNITY SPACE is an organisation with no state or private funds. We create and offer our services through hard work to realise and spread our goals and educational programs across the world.

We do offer scholarships and exchange work to most of our projects, festivals and residencies so as to make our work more accessible. It is invaluable to us to work for the community as well as with the community to create a better tomorrow for all. Your donation and investment will assist more communities to grow.

Contact us to find out more how you can assist us and how you can also benefit out of your contribution. We always cooperate with a win-win state of mind for uplifting all people involved.

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