Flying Low is a physical and dynamic technique that was developed by David Zambrano. Flying Low creates diverse dynamic relationships between the dancers and the environment with special focus on floor work. By using one’s weight, gravity and the energy from the environment, there is a momentum created that allows the dancer to flow freely on the floor and in space. Through the basic principles of the technique that of gathering, sending and passing through, the dancers create concrete Inter-relationships between themeselves, the floor, the whole room, so as to ultimately dance freely and instinctively all together as one living entity.

Passing Through is an improvisation method that David Zambrano developed throughout the years of his practice, choreography, and dance. Passing through allows the dancers to move freely by using the diverse and infinite pathways that already exist in space and in one’s body, so as to communicate and dance spontaneously with each other. The dancers use the energies of the environment and of their bodies to create a unique composition that is created spontaneously whilst dancing. Vangelis has received a diploma by David Zambrano to further teach and develop Flying Low and Passing Through.

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