8th International Interdisciplinary


16 December 2019 – 4 January 2020


Chiang Mai, Thailand
12 December 2016 – 31 December 2016


5th No Borders Project 2016

Vangelis Legakis (GR/UK/HK/AUS)

Embodied Unity – Flying Low, Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Qigong & Yoga

Vangelis is an international Dance Artist, Choreographer, Producer and Therapist. He has been leading educational, cultural, arts and healing projects across the world for over 17 years. He studied BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and MA Choreography at Trinity Laban (London, UK) and thereafter furthered his studies by acquiring a Masters in Buddhist Studies from the Hong Kong University. 

He is a yoga and qigong accredited practitioner and a therapist of different modalities (Craniosacral, Thai and Tsi Nei Tsang Massage, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage, Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy, Reiki I, II and Master’s Level, Reflexology, and Cosmic Healing Qigong). 

Legakis, having two distinctive paths in his life, the one of dance and choreography, and the other of healing and spirituality, has formed the philosophy Embodied Unity and the practices Contact Beyond Contact and Gliding Space. Embodied Unity is an integration of diverse Dance Languages, Yoga and QiGong, Meditation and Mindfulness. This integration is intended to enhance dance education, performance, dance technique and the choreographic process, and as a whole, improve the living standards and relationships we build in our lives.

Vangelis is the founder and artistic director of Unity Space and The Van – L Dance Company, under which he spreads interdisciplinary art and healing festivals, projects and workshops.


Rita Vilhena (Portugal)

Contemporary Dance & Improvisation

Was born in 1979. She is a Portuguese dancer and choreographer living between Portugal and The Netherlands; artistic director and founder of Baila Louca performances and improvisation; currently produced by Productiehuis Rotterdam.

In 2016 in collaboration with Ligia Soares she premiered The Lung at Teatro Praga Lisboa, Schouwburg Theater, Frascati Amsterdam. In 2015 performed her group piece Emmergency Plan at Festival Impuls Tanz Vienna. For solo Tribute she had artist residency and performances in Brazil (Curitiba, Londrina and Salvador). As a dancer she was touring with the piece Clubbing by Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson, performed in Holland, Germany and Switzerland. In 2014 she premiered her work about ritual – EMERGENCY PLAN at Schaumburg Rotterdam and Frascati Amsterdam. Choreographed MSDOS/PROMETHEUS GEKETEND together with URLAND collective – Rotterdamse Production. Performed for a piece of film for Meg Stuart’s new work solo. Creation/performer CORPO NO SILÊNCIO in Museu Fundação Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva. Was in residency at O Espaço do Tempo, Portugal foe a new creation in collaboration with Ligia Soares: THE LUNG.

In 2012/13 she worked as a performer and co -creator with Meg Stuart, Vania Rovisco and Henk Bakr in the piece: SET NEW BEGINNINGS with Ugo Dehaes in the piece: GRAFTED with Mor Shani in the piece: LOVE-ISM chapter 1 with Loic Perela in the pieces: FEAR and AU CREUS DE L’OREILLE with Hillary Blake in the research: WILFUL CONTRADICTION

In 2012 she received the 1st prize in Solo Dance Competition in Gdansk in Poland. In 2010 created the duet WHO TAUGHT US NOT TO REMEMBER THE FUTURE , the solo ONOMATOPOEIA and the duet INTIMATE BOREDOM. In 2008 created the duet WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU COULD NOT SAVE THE WORLD and a dance/theater piece with Henri van Zanten , JUSTIFICATION. In 2005 designs and establish a platform for experimental dance in Rotterdam through which works over 7 years collaborating with different artists to create mostly improvised pieces. This platform included names like Meg Stuart, Julyen Hamilton , Jeremy Wade , Charlie Morrissey , Vania Rovisco , Bruno Listopad, Abraham Hurtado , Pedro Goucha , Hillary Blake, Ligia Soares , La Boutique Fantastique , Greg Smith , Raoul van der Weide , Felicity Provan and Alfredo Genovese and others.

Shortly after finishing her studies in 2003 she works as a dancer with a few Dutch companies/choreographers: TRASH , Meekers , Regina Magnus , Beeldend Danstheater Telder. In 2001 in Portugal, Rita was a trainee dancer in Lisbon Dance Company.

5th No Borders Project 2016

Sascia Pellegrini

Rhythms & Improvisation

Sascia Pellegrini was born a piano player, grew into a pianist/composer and is now maturing as a percussionist and performer/composer. He researches improvised and written music with a special interest in the perception of the act of performance and the deeper implications of musical thinking. He often leads workshops on these themes in universities and music schools for composers, instrumentalists and performers. In his musical research, Sascia combines compositions for, among others, live electronics, visuals and percussion. He has written music for various ensembles and has developed choreography and visual works often in collaboration with dancers and other media artists. As a percussionist/composer he has performed extensively in Italy, France, Germany, China, Japan and in his place of residence, Hong Kong. He has performed in Concert Halls, Theaters, Art Galleries and Art Spaces, primarily as soloist and composer. He was trained in percussion and composition at the Conservatorio G.Puccini in La Spezia and he joined percussion, composition and conducting classes at IRCAM in Paris. In the course of these studies he has met, learned from and shared ideas with a variety of stimulating composers and performers.



Christa Wan (Taiwan)
Eléonore Pinet-Bodin (France)
Jane Fournier Dumet (France)
Jehanne Fima (France)
Jordan McHenry (USA)
David Rein (USA)
Katha Ina (Germany)
Miku Tsuchiya (Japan)
Sui Ming Chu (Hong Kong)
Victi Ho (Hong Kong)
Marlene Consoli (Italy)
Emma R Bini (Italy)
Kari Vierli (Sweden)
Hoy May Yee (Malaysia)
Hemant Bidawat (India)
Namya Suri (India)
Rahul Goswami (India)
Aromat (China)
Giselle (China)
Lady Masa (China)
Rafał Pierre Jinsky (Poland)
Matt Shilcock (Australia)
Talitha Lee Maslin (Australia)
Henna Lumi (Finland)
Kelvin Kuan (Singapore)

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