8th International Interdisciplinary


16 December 2019 – 4 January 2020


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
17 December 2018 – 5 January 2019


7th No Borders Project 2018

Vangelis Legakis (GR/UK/HK/AUS)

Embodied Unity – Flying Low, Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Qigong & Yoga

Vangelis is an international Dance Artist, Choreographer, Producer and Therapist. He has been leading educational, cultural, arts and healing projects across the world for over 17 years. He studied BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and MA Choreography at Trinity Laban (London, UK) and thereafter furthered his studies by acquiring a Masters in Buddhist Studies from the Hong Kong University. 

He is a yoga and qigong accredited practitioner and a therapist of different modalities (Craniosacral, Thai and Tsi Nei Tsang Massage, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage, Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy, Reiki I, II and Master’s Level, Reflexology, and Cosmic Healing Qigong). 

Legakis, having two distinctive paths in his life, the one of dance and choreography, and the other of healing and spirituality, has formed the philosophy Embodied Unity and the practices Contact Beyond Contact and Gliding Space. Embodied Unity is an integration of diverse Dance Languages, Yoga and QiGong, Meditation and Mindfulness. This integration is intended to enhance dance education, performance, dance technique and the choreographic process, and as a whole, improve the living standards and relationships we build in our lives.

Vangelis is the founder and artistic director of Unity Space and The Van – L Dance Company, under which he spreads interdisciplinary art and healing festivals, projects and workshops.


Nguyen Chung (VTM)

Interact and Play


Kiana Neethling

Yoga and Meditation

Kiana is a compassionate and visionary woman, that cares greatly about the education of younger generations, as well as the wellbeing and upliftment of people of all ages and cultures. She is a Yoga teacher, Contact Beyond Contact facilitator and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She is passionate about dance as a tool to create healing and true connection. Her teaching is further inspired by Qigong, a martial arts practice focused on cultivating and harmonizing Qi (life energy). She believes in developing self love and integrity as the foundation on which community and authentic relationships can grow. Currently studying anatomy, physiology and pathology, she is uncovering greater layers of freedom on her path.

7th No Borders Project 2018

La Lune

Photography and Video

Photographer | Producer | Screenwriter

La Lune commenced her career seven years ago as a journalist, copywriter and photographer. Her career progressed naturally to media field work as producer. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries of her own creativity, La Lune is expanding her horizons in the film industry as a screenwriter. She has a love of visual arts and endless natural curiosity exploring, improving and developing her creative skills. This is reflected through her creativity in her writing, filming and photography. She believes that through arts, people can rediscover themselves and connect stronger with their inner voices.



Julia Gomez Aviles (Spain)
Daniel Costin (Australia)
Derrik Siu (Singapore)
Fra Martino (France)
Miku Tsuchiya (Japan)
Mai Thien Quan (Vietnam)
Nhon Vo (Vietnam)
Kiana Neethling (South Africa)
Julius Lagare (Vietnam)

Students from Trường TC Múa TP.HCM. Dance School (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
Nguyễn Oanh
Thảo My
Thảo Nhi
Hải Hòa
Ngọc Trâm
Phạm Mân
Phúc Hậu
Huỳnh Phúc
Nguyễn Quang Trung
Nguyễn Hữu Thuận
Harry Huy
Đạt Trịnh

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