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Anna Perrudin is a contemporary dancer, performer and musician. She received a Bachelor of Dance and Performing Arts at the University Vincennes Saint-Denis Paris in 2015 and a Degree of Musictherapy at the University Paul Valéry – Montpellier in 2013. Now she prepare a Physical Diploma at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris, she is developing a project « Spontaneous Body ».

         She explored movement in the urban space. In 2013 a dance research LABOPC support by the High School of Architecture in Montpellier and directed by the choreographer Patrice Barthès. A year later, for Danse en situation, a performance directed by Alain Michard and support by the Culturel Center of Rennes. While her studies she performed for dance festival Danse Facafac, A contre Sens and Entrendanse. In 2014 with a videographer and two other dancers she created a piece Chantier ou en travaux. “- How moves the body after he met the hillness?”. The piece was presented in Paris at Théâtre 13, Théâtre de la Bastille and in Finland at the Kiuruvesi’s Cultural Center. Same year she worked also on a video-dance Connection.

         She developed a particular interest for the dance in a social context. “- Can we call a dancer a social mover?” She assisted the choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang on his project Les gens d’ici, a performance with amateur dancers of any ages. In India she worked on a performance Architec of Self Destruction directed by the choreographer Abhilash Ningappa, Play Practice Residency in 2015. In 2016 she started a research at the Lake Studio Residency Berlin. “- I don’t know if my body belongs to me anymore”, interrogation about humains feelings.

Project | 5th September – 28th October 2017

Spontaneous Body

The relation between the experiences of dance and music therapy in a main axis : to develop creativity and body awareness. How do we connect the mind and the body ? The unknown and the knowlegde ? The inside and the outide ? The left brain and the right brain ? I have been dancing a lot of improvisations and I was always enthusiastic to see how this practice request creativity, spontaneity, sensibility and puts dancers in front of their own limits and fears.

I would like to start a new artistic collaboration with a painter and videographer from the Mornington Peninsula, Kayla Nagy. I took part in many collectives researches (Play Practice Residency, India, 2015 ; Dance Festivals, France 2014..etc) and I collaborated with dancers, actors, videographers and musicians for different artistic projects ; I like the mixture of the arts. I also have a real interest for the dance outside the studio, the nature and the urban locations offers new possibilities of movement and request a special awareness and availability to the space and the time. After a preparation of small choreographies in the studio, I will repeat the movements in the Australian landscape, notice how interpretation changes in a different space, allow myself to improvise. And Kayla will enjoy the colours, the  lights and the shapes of the outside to paint. Having a videographer by my side is also the opportunity to leave a trace of my pedagogic research and give a visibility of my work. This poetic material will be expose at the end of the residency, and we will work on a video installation.

The research « Spontaneous Body » is currently a topic I develop for the graduation of the Physical Diploma, University Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3. My work is supported by Lyse Seguin, professor of the choregraphic, dance and aïkido class and director of the Physical Diploma. I will then be financed from the University (association ATEP3) for the residency and I got a personnal student grant.

After this residency I would like to have a clear and concrete pedagogic project « Spontaneous Body » that I could teach in different dance studios. Melbourne is an artistic city in emergence, I would like to be part of this growing up dance community and slowly based myself there.

Presented at the Dance House Melbourne

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