Jasmine Starla Donald & ​Joanne Hobern​ | NZ

Joanne and Jaz graduated from Unitec’s contemporary dance programme in 2014/15, but have only become closer more recently. They both grew up with the New Zealand sand between their crevices and the sun glazing their backs, though the nature of their upbringing was different in many ways.

Jaz loves to give, but finds herself giving too much sometimes and is still finding a balance. She also hates polystyrene, it makes her feel like her teeth are going to break off. Joanne feels exactly the same. As a middle child, she often plays the role of the peacekeeper but as a result hates conflict and confrontation. Joanne is a fish – in all meanings of the word except for the gills and scales part. Jaz doesn’t like squeaky sand but loves coconuts, everything about them, in all their ways and one day wants to grow a coconut tree. Joanne hates coconuts.


Project | 17th January – 25th March 2018 ​ ​

Open Nook, Gentle Cranny

Joanne Hobern and Jasmine Starla Donald

This is the space between a touch and a caress – next to stroke and beside dissonance. How can we unravel the blurred boundaries of proximity? What are the realms of intimacy that are yet to be touched?

Presented at the Abbotsford Convent – Melbourne and Ready Made Works – Sydney


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