Movement has the capacity to take us to the home of the soul, the world within for which we have no name. Movement reaches our deepest nature, and dance creatively expresses it. Through dance, we gain new insights into the mystery of our lives. When brought forth from the inside and forged by the desire to create personal change, dance has the profound power to heal the body, psyche and soul.

Anna Halprin


Here at UNITY SPACE, we are driven by a single goal; to spread interdisciplinary practices integrating performing and visual arts with healing and spirituality for making the world a unique place for all. We create projects, festivals and residencies across the world inclusive to all people, cultures, professions and backgrounds.
Unity Space is a space of integration where we unite people and cultures within a collective spirit.

Our Mission

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Our mission and intention is to provide accessible activities, based upon integrated disciplines, to create wholeness for the individual and society. The projects, festivals and residencies that we create, include a vast range of Arts – Performing, Martial and Visual Arts – as well as healing modalities, psychology, scientific research, Neuroscience, and the philosophies of Chi Gong and Yoga. 

We feel that all of these practices weave together to offer a holistic embodiment of body, mind, emotions and soul.

Upcoming Events


Recognising the enormity of the challenges many societies in the world face to have access into arts activities, UNITY SPACE is contributing in making a lasting impact through its festivals…


All the projects we create have an interdisciplinary focus because we believe in one main essence: integration is what can make us wholesome…


UNITY SPACE WORLD AIR is dedicated to making a lasting impact through the artists in residencies we organise. Our main purpose is to support and sustain the arts, in order to make research and creation more accessible to all artists. We are aware of the difficulties that all artists face to find the right environment to create and present their work. We offer different opportunities that are accessible to all, according to the individuals professional background and experience.


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