Movement has the capacity to take us to the home of the soul, the world within for which we have no name. Movement reaches our deepest nature, and dance creatively expresses it. Through dance, we gain new insights into the mystery of our lives. When brought forth from the inside and forged by the desire to create personal change, dance has the profound power to heal the body, psyche and soul.

Anna Halprin


Here at UNITY SPACE, we are driven by a single goal; to nurture and enhance interdisciplinary practices integrating performing and visual arts with healing and spirituality for developing ourselves and the world, for developing cultures and humanity.

We focus on Productions, Education and Transpersonal Programs inclusive to all people, cultures, professional and ethnic backgrounds.

Unity Space is a space of integration where we unite people and cultures within a collective spirit.

Performance at Moksa

Our Mission

Creating a Better Environment in Career & Life

Our mission is to provide accessible holistic activities in dance and healing to create stability and growth to the individual-self, to relationships and the society.

The Courses, Programs, Festivals, Projects and Residencies we create, integrate a vast range of Dance & Performance, Healing Disciplines, Psychology, Meditation & Mindfulness Based Practices. 

All of these practices weave together to offer a holistic embodied state in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We are here to connect and work together:



Dance & Healing Courses / Programs

We are happy to announce the CBC courses & PADHA – 1 Year program.

CBC | FTC Level 1 – Netherlands
15-20 October 2024
CBC | FTC Level 1 – Portugal
22-27 October 2024
CBC | FTC Level 1 – Montreal
23-28 July 2024
CBC | FTC Level 1,2&3 – Bali
6-11 August 2024
13-18 August 2024
22-30 August 2024

2nd Unity Space Festival
11-16 February 2025 – Lake Atitlan
PADHA – 1 Year program
15 Mar 2025 – 01 Jan 2026

Transpersonal Programs / Retreatrs

We are excited about the new programs Unity Space is offering.

Retreats & Online
Life Mentorship Program
Relationship Counseling
Transpersonal Leadership Program


Unity Space is creating festivals, projects and artists in residencies focusing on dance language, choreography, embodiment, somatics, healing modalities and spiritual growth. Each category of our productions have a different focus so as to embrace people from diverse professional backgrounds, cultures and interests.


Recognising the enormity of the challenges many societies in the world face to have access into arts activities, UNITY SPACE is contributing in making a lasting impact through the festivals by bringing culture, dance and unity and focus on the aspect of humanity and human evolution through the arts.


All the projects have an interdisciplinary focus because we believe in one main essence: integration in body, mind, heart and spirit is what makes us wholesome to live and co-exist beyond man-made borders. We are a human kind living on the same Earth and thus, are obliged to find peace, love and harmony within oneself, with others and the world.


UNITY SPACE WORLD AiR is organising Artists in Residencies across the world with a main purpose: to support and guide new artists to find their unique voice of expression through their medium of art. We are aware of the difficulties that all artists face to find the right environment to create and present their work thus according to the artists’ professional background and experience, we offer different opportunities and make them as accessible as possible to all.


Education Courses

We create an environment for people to develop in life and career.
We empower and nurture people from all backgrounds so as for them to establish holistic practices in their communities and the world.

Dance & Healing Teachers Training  Courses

Have you ever thought that you can become an artist in dance and healing? Come to join our courses that have a distinctive structure so as to include people from diverse backgrounds: Contact Beyond Contact is open to all and Gliding Space is open to professionally trained dance artists only.


Transpersonal means the path one takes with willingness, commitment and dedication in evolving to a person that is beyond mundane and common experiences. Human kind has an immense capability to create and innovate to a greater extent than what we do day-to-day. Unity Space focus on three categories to contribute to this path and for all people to find and fulfil their unique vision and dreams.

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