Let us see and witness our relationship objectively with love and respect for one another.

It is common to hit a plateau two to four years in to your relationship. Whether from lack of communication, impatience, lack of intimacy, infidelity, or a combination of all of these, our The Awakened Heart 3-day program in a calming and serene retreat context, is designed to help you through such relationship challenges in a supportive and empowering space.

This program is designed for people who want to find out what creates disharmonies and imbalances in their relationship and eventually find pathways to take the right decisions on how to develop individually, within the relationship and also their relationship with the world. We will guide you to discover the source of what creates imbalances, having an honest communication and expression to one another.

This program specifically will focus on your love relationship but will broaden up the perspective to other interpersonal relationship as well as the relationship we build with our greatest school and teacher Mother Earth.


Anyone that feels a bit stuck in their relationship, even if they haven’t been together for a long time. This is a program for people that are willing and committed to learn who they truly are as an individual, as well as an individual within the relationship.


Participants will leave with:

  • A sense of belonging within themselves as an inter-dependent soul who chooses to walk and experience life with their companion and beloved.
  • An awakened sensitivity to their partner’s unspoken language, and enhanced mindfulness for themselves and their partner.
  • A heightened sense of capability to hold space for the other and the self, learning and understanding their own and their partner’s personal boundaries.
  • The ability to communicate with honesty, trust and deep compassion.
  • Putting your communication within a context that is understood and well communicated by both partners.
  • An empowered state from where you can express yourself with a language that communicates accurately your inner world; emotions and feeling, mental processes and deeper sensations.
  • A sincere state of listening and embracing what is being experienced.
  • A retrospection on your inner child for being able to care of core wounds and offering ways on how to pass through.
  • Ways that you can speak your trust with respect for the self and the other.
  • Ways that you can create an environment in which you and your partner can feel fully embodied and wholesome in your empowered state.
  • Tools and skills for non-violent communication and conflict resolution.
  • A deep use of Mediation for de-escalating conflict and understanding one another.
  • A commitment to the four interpersonal values of love, respect, integrity and freedom.

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