We are proud to offer great educational, wellness and community services in many corners of the world. 
Unity Space is strongly supporting education, students, immerging and professional artists in advancing their career.

Unity Space, since 2011, has offered full scholarships to:

Rahul Goswami, Rakesh Sukesh, INDIA | Balasz Posgay, HUNGARY | Yai Lin, HONG KONG |
Haruka Chan, SINGAPORE | Sarah Xiao, Lin Xiuqing, CHINA | Le Hieu, VIETNAM |
Chloe Tan, MALAYSIA | Serena Zaccagnini, ITALY | Josefina Imfeld, ARGENTINA |
Gianina Hernandez, Daniela Rojas, CHILE |

Unity Space, since 2011, has offered partial scholarships / financial support to:

Gamze Seber, Cansu Ezgi Ince, TURKEY | Nona Munix, BELGIUM | Cecilia Manusco, ITALY |
Seraphim Schuchter, AUSTRIA | Tifany Margelin, FRANCE | Rafal Pierzynski, POLAND |
Serine Torp Drejer, SWEDEN | Prashant More, Priyabrat Panigrahi,
Abhishek Rathod, Pooja Kadam, INDIA |
Matt Shilcock, Montserrat Heras, Lola Howard, Valentina Dillon, Momoko Nanri, Tahlia Klugman,
Sidney Isabel Urban, AUSTRALIA | Evie Logan, Deborah Fletcher, Jasmine Donald,
Rebekah Claridge, NEW ZEALAND | Chow Suet Yu, Yuki Chung HONG KONG |
Makiko Izu, Lata Chan, JAPAN |
Kwak Jee Hae, Seo Jenog Bin, Yeon Ye Rin, Kim Jin Kyeong, KOREA |
Wendy Lim, Kejora Ruby Wahid, SueKi Shalisa , Haw Wei-An, Failul Adam, Wong Chi Ying, MALAYSIA | Chi Nguyen, Hai Le, Khan Chinh Huynh Tran, Phuong Anh Le, UDG Dance Company, VIETNAM | Courtney Mae Lim, Ruby Jayaseelan, SINGAPORE | Wang Rui, Guan Xilu, CHINA |
Ruby Wei, Stephanie Lee Yuning, I-Yun Liu, Sasha Hu, TAIWAN |

Unity Space will continue supporting dance education and all artists in their stage of their career for advancing dance practice but also contributing in the lives of all people; artists and community.

Scholarships are available for projects, festivals, and residencies.
If you have any enquiries, please contact us:

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