Strong interpersonal relationships built on trust and respect are critical to a creative and thriving work environment. These dynamics also affect the engagement of your team and thus their productivity to your company.

In the Transpersonal Leadership Program (TLP) your team will learn a variety of practices integrating and fine-tuning the body, mind and heart for strengthening understanding, communication/Non-Violent communication & sensitivity within your organization. On a personal level, your team will build and enhance empathy, awareness & perception, discernment & leadership skills and on a team level they will create a sense of togetherness, unity and heightened communication out of sensing and feeling one another.

Usually to convey what we wish to express and in turn to understand one another, we need to bring our energy to our mind-body. However, have you ever experienced those moments in your life when you wanted to utter something but your partner, family member or close friend, felt what you had to say and they acted before you even uttered it? Those moments are the moments when we are in tune with our body, mind and heart space and our close to us person is so well connected with us that they feel and act before we bring our energy to our mind-body. It is a communication through our Mind-Heart interconnection and our Body projects out the information for our partners to feel.

Through the TLP program, we are bringing your organisation-team to a refined attunement within their own self, for being able to highly communicate to each other. The team will flow and expand to exponential levels of creativity and productivity. What we bring forth here is the Flow Experience which has been tested previously within the sector of sports, arts and science.


This program is designed for CEOs, managers and members of corporations, banks, businesses, NPOs and NGOs that understand a strong organizational culture is built on trust having strong bonds within one another and business partners. Trust and transparency affect all aspects of the development of a business, both internally and externally.


Personal development:
  • Enhance the energy levels in your body system – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Develop self-leadership skills by learning how to guide your decisions for the highest good for all
  • Learn to recognise non-verbal communication to understand how body language and other non-verbal cues affects how others perceive and read you
Group dynamics:
  • Strengthen the company / team culture built on trust and reliability
  • Transform the connection and bond amongst the group to a community with a family feel
  • Develop a heightened respect and integrity for each other
  • Solidify and strengthen your communication as a group and as individuals
  • Build emotional intelligence and empathy for each other, and by extension your clients

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