9th International Interdisciplinary


Athens,  GREECE
19 December 2020 – 6 January 2021

The International Interdisciplinary No Borders project takes place every December in a different country & city

For this year we will meet in Athens, GREECE

Welcome to the NO BORDERS PROJECT 2020

The international interdisciplinary No Borders Project aims to bridge encounters between dance, music, photography, film, sculpture, conceptual arts and philosophy to create an environment of/for free expression and creation. The collaborators-participants will focus on channeling their emotions and express by researching and reflecting on the subject matters of: borders, identity and cross-cultural communication to identify, eliminate, and within such a collective context, go beyond their own individual limits.

Extracts from the 4th No Borders project | Bali 2015

Through this process we will question and analyze further the borders between the public and the private space, performance and performativity, visual and performance art, art and life, identity and integrity, and values in a traditional and contemporary society. The first week we will discuss on each subject so as for the participants to find their own particular focus and voice for their creative process.

We will work on and integrate the practices of Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, on the theory and structure of emotions, on movement language, improvisation, choreography and composition so as to embody and find new aspects in our practice, find a fresh perspective of life and a different language to communicate and express to the public.

People from different places of the world with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and artistic processes, performers and non performers will come together in a collective environment to improve self-awareness, perception, free will, spirituality, consciousness, emotional strength, creativity, dance, performance, choreography and above all to expand their perspective in what is possible in life and working environments.



  • To integrate high standards of technique, improvisation and choreography by diverse dance artists so as to reach a sense of freedom in dance and life. (Vangelis has been influenced by his teachers David Zambrano, William Forsythe, Gill Clarke, Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Rosalind Crisp, Scott Smith, Rosemary Butcher and Tony Thatcher who all has given him essential knowledge and experience to create his own methodologies in dance and choreography).
  • To allow you to express strong feelings and emotions, Intuition and inner sensations through the medium of dance, performance and visual arts. Expression is a vital element in our life that doesn’t take place only through language, it is a part of every activity of our life, moreover of dance and the arts.
  • To make you question your own borders and limitation, to challenge you to bypass them and liberate yourself from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in life and career.​
  • To allow you to connect with your own heart, and from within, to rediscover yourself.
  • To support you to become a holistic teacher and spread interdisciplinary and holistic education across the globe.
  • To introduce new pedagogical methodologies for interdisciplinary edifying workshops and teachings that are applicable and reachable to all.
  • To develop and enhance your own creativity, and perception in dance and choreography but moreover to develop the living standards of artists and non artists. Dance is a part of life and life is a part of dance.

Photo from the 8th No Borders project | Bali 2019 | Performances at Moksa Dojo

Performance at Moksa


The artistic director Vangelis Legakis has been internationally choreographing, dancing and teaching  integrating energy work practices to offer a more holistic approach into the arts. He has been more rigorously working on visual arts and energy work the last decade especially during his trips to Latin America and Asia where he was teaching and choreographing but also taking this opportunity for self development through different workshops and lectures on energy work.

Vangelis is organizing this project so as to fuse performance and visual arts with energy work – Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Kundalini Yoga and Movement Meditation. It is a project that travels, each year is in a different city and different country. He sets it up during December so as to open ourselves and reflect on the year that has passed and to prepare for the year that is coming. For the first time this year we will spend Xmas and New Years Eve together to celebrate the transition from this year to the new one. There will be performances and installations on the 6th of January as well as lectures and meditation nights during the project to express our ideas, concepts and backgrounds. Vangelis invites teachers to collaborate and teach their practices. Performing and Visual artists will research and create their own projects influenced by all workshops. People from different disciplines and different continents will develop a collective feeling in an artistic environment where all participants will evolve not only as artists but also as personalities.

This event allows energies out of dance, love and joy, out of creativity and performance to raise self understanding, transcend our true nature of being, communicate in novel ways through the arts and take actions to evolve as a community.

Photo from the 8th No Borders project | Bali 2019 | Performances at Blanco Museum

Performance Blanco Museum

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