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In the Dance & Healing  sector, we offer the Contact Beyond Contact | Facilitators Training Course and Embodied Unity | Advanced Teachers Training Course that are open to all dance artists, educators, teachers as well as practitioners in other fields of practice such as: psychology, psychotherapy, life coaches, therapists, yoga and qigong amongst other.

Also only for professionally trained dance artists, we are offering the one month (200Hrs) Gliding Space | Teachers Training Course and the 1 year Certified Professional Program. These courses are intensive and the dance artists need to have a previous dance education, knowledge and experience. It is for dancers who wish to delve deeper in interdisciplinary holistic dance practice and healing.

Legakis and Unity Space team offer a holistic education for opening perspectives and possibilities to many diverse avenues to all people from different backgrounds and professions. Nowadays, dance is crucial in our life to unite people and communities. It is an interactive, participatory and all-inclusive practice that brings people and communities together.

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