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Contact Beyond Contact
Facilitators Training Course

Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We believe that everybody can dance as well as everybody can facilitate a dance event. We are passionate about dance practice and moreover to endorse dance as a healing practice accessible to all. Contact Beyond Contact is a dance improvisation practice that focuses on creating an environment and holding space for transformation and healing. It is a practice that integrates profound practices and philosophies such as chi gong, yoga, healing, authentic relating, mindfulness and leadership skills, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies within Contact Improvisation (CI) and Authentic Movement (AM) for creating an environment for transformation and healing.

Our mission is to train new facilitators to spread Contact Beyond Contact dance practice to the whole world for authentic human connection; for individual, relationship and group healing.

Our vision is to establish conscious dance practice as the main practice for human connection and evolution.



Vangelis Legakis believes that nowadays dance education is at a pivotal point in history because the human kind is experiencing a shift in how they fit in the current world, a world that keeps changing in a rapid pace. Due to these changes there will need to be a re-evaluation in the already existing systems of practices as well as methodologies on dance technique and choreography.

It is time to re-cast old obsolete ways of working and enter an era of understanding human psychology and behaviour in the dance industry to create a safe and edifying space for all people involved; dancers, performers, directors, choreographers, producers, educators, as well as the public itself.

Legakis introduces the term "Humanology" which is the study of being Human and Humane in a specific environment; in this instance in the dance industry which includes but is not limited to the educational institutions, companies, theatres and other.

Legakis having two distinctive paths in his life, the one of dance and choreography, and the other of healing and spirituality he has formed the philosophy Embodied Unity which is an integration of Dance, Healing and Spiritual practices to enhance dance education, performance and dance technique, choreographic process and also to improve the living standards and relationships of the human kind in the society.



Embodied Unity is a philosophy integrating the profound disciplines of dance, chi gong and yoga to: Heal the self and unite Body, Mind & Spirit (Individual-self), Balance relationships (Duet-self), Find harmony in the society; Family, City, Country, World (Collective-self). Embodied Unity is open to all levels of experience in any discipline and to people who are professionally and non-professionally trained in dance, yoga or chi gong.

Vangelis is adapting and offering high-standards workshops and classes according to the level of knowledge and experience of the participants.



Flying Low is a physical and dynamic technique that was developed by David Zambrano. Flying Low creates diverse dynamic relationships between the dancers and the environment with special focus on floor work. By using one’s weight, gravity and the energy from the environment, there is a momentum created that allows the dancer to flow freely on the floor and in space. Through the basic principles of the technique that of gathering, sending and passing through, the dancers create concrete Inter-relationships between themeselves, the floor, the whole room, so as to ultimately dance freely and instinctively all together as one living entity.

Passing Through is an improvisation method that David Zambrano developed throughout the years of his practice, choreography, and dance. Passing through allows the dancers to move freely by using the diverse and infinite pathways that already exist in space and in one’s body, so as to communicate and dance spontaneously with each other. The dancers use the energies of the environment and of their bodies to create a unique composition that is created spontaneously whilst dancing. Vangelis has received a diploma by David Zambrano to further teach and develop Flying Low and Passing Through.

HKICAROS | HKICF | Flying Low Company Classes 2016 from Vangelis Legakis on Vimeo.



Here at UNITY SPACE, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in providing high standards educational programs, workshops and festivals that are accessible to all. We do build productive relationships at a national and international level so as to make a positive impact to the local and international communities across the world.

In Hong Kong we have a new multipurpose dance studio “DaMu Harmony Studio” that is at the beautiful area of SheunWan, Hong Kong Island. Da stands for the Dance and Mu for the Music. There is a harmony in dance and music but also in our everyday life.

The DaMu Harmony Studio is available for hire for dance and music workshops, yoga, chi gong, personal training, acrobatics and martial arts, as well as for photo-shooting. We offer special prices in subsidised rates for performing artists for personal use, workshops and residencies.

Studio is now on relocation. The new address is pending

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