8th International Interdisciplinary


16 December 2019 – 4 January 2020


Xiamen, China
December 2013

with the support and in collaboration of Xiamen University, Yishen Kendo Space and MassBox Art Gallery


2nd No Borders Project 2013

Vangelis Legakis (GR/UK/HK/AUS)

Embodied Unity – Flying Low, Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Qigong & Yoga

Vangelis is an international Dance Artist, Choreographer, Producer and Therapist. He has been leading educational, cultural, arts and healing projects across the world for over 17 years. He studied BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and MA Choreography at Trinity Laban (London, UK) and thereafter furthered his studies by acquiring a Masters in Buddhist Studies from the Hong Kong University. 

He is a yoga and qigong accredited practitioner and a therapist of different modalities (Craniosacral, Thai and Tsi Nei Tsang Massage, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage, Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy, Reiki I, II and Master’s Level, Reflexology, and Cosmic Healing Qigong). 

Legakis, having two distinctive paths in his life, the one of dance and choreography, and the other of healing and spirituality, has formed the philosophy Embodied Unity and the practices Contact Beyond Contact and Gliding Space. Embodied Unity is an integration of diverse Dance Languages, Yoga and QiGong, Meditation and Mindfulness. This integration is intended to enhance dance education, performance, dance technique and the choreographic process, and as a whole, improve the living standards and relationships we build in our lives.

Vangelis is the founder and artistic director of Unity Space and The Van – L Dance Company, under which he spreads interdisciplinary art and healing festivals, projects and workshops.

Ralf Peters (Germany)

Ralf Peters is an extended voice and performing artist based in Cologne/Germany. He also is an acknowledged Roy Hart voice teacher and teaches mainly in Germany, France and Switzerland. He is the co-director of the international voice and performance ensemble KörperSchafftKlang and president of stimmfeld e.V., an association that initiates and supports artistic activities in the field of voice. He also is a doctor of Philosophy.

More at www.stimmfeld.de.

He is author of the book „Wege zur Stimme“ (Ways to the voice) and gives lectures about the artistic and philosophical aspects of the extended voice.

David Liu (Taiwan)

David Liu originally from Taiwan, immigrated to the United States at the age of six, and began formal training in both dance and figure skating by the age of eight. In dance, he attended New York City Ballet’s School of American Ballet (SAB) on full scholarship under the tutelage of Richard Rapp and Andrei Kramarevsky. He was honored at SAB by George Balanchine’s selection to undergo further intensive training with the great Stanley Williams as part of a special class for young talented dancers.

After concluding his dance training at SAB, David went on to hone his skills as a competitive figure skater and competed at the Winter Olympic Games (’88, ’92, ’98) representing his native country, Taiwan. David furthered his extensive studies in dance at the Jose Limon Institute and danced professionally for Carlos Orta’s CoreoArte Dance Company as well as H.T. Chen and Dancers. Aside from being a guest performer with City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) David has also choreographed for CCDC along with companies such as the Hong Kong Ballet and Singapore Dance Theatre. In professional skating, David has produced, choreographed and performed in numerous skating exhibitions and was Co-Artistic Director of Ice Theatre of New York, a not-for-profit ensemble company. David has co-founded Solidwater Dance Company to specifically produce interdisciplinary collaborations with visual and performing artists. He is currently finishing his MFA degree in Dance and became a certified Gaga teacher in 2012. www.davidliu.org

David Leung Ka Nang (Hong Kong)

David Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong.

He dances and contact-improvises for pleasure, play, performance, research; lectures and facilitates movement classes; choreographs and sings; gives bodywork and occasionally writes and interprets. He is a committee member of the local contact improvisation group, Kongtact Square.

Jacky Yu, founder and artistic director of the Hong Kong-based E-side Dance Company, first introduced him to modern dance and frequently commissions him in his recent performance projects. David began dancing at the age of 19. In the past twenty years, David’s performance career saw him mostly as a freelancer, with a few memorable exceptions. He performed both as a dancer and a singer with The Expression Dance Company under the artistic direction of Maggi Sietsma in their Brisbane Festival “Attitude” season in the summer of 1998. He danced for three consecutive seasons from 1999-2001 with the local YURI and company danciNG, culminating in the commissioned work of “A Brave New World of Suzie Wong” by the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2001. Collaboration with Yuri Ng and dance filmmaker Maurice Lai also included the award-winning project of “A Cup of Tea”, which pioneered the dance filmmaking scene in Hong Kong.

David’s recent choreographies include solo work “One Man” (2013) and a duet in collaboration with Alice Ma called “Together” (2011). His recent structured improvisational performances include “From Heart to Heart” (2010) and “Moving Moments” (2008).

David has experienced the joy of dance and its power to heal. He has been teaching workshops in dance, experiential anatomy and body awareness (for general fitness, well-being and beyond) since 1999, possessing extensive certification and the expertise of using the Gyrotonic® and Pilates environment to do so. He was a part-time lecturer for the School of Dance of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 1999 to 2004, and will take up the role again in fall of 2013. Since 2002, he has been practicing a form of qigong called “Sui-Yi Gong” (an energy practice that emphasizes moving to one’s intent) and finds it very inspirational and instrumental not just in self-healing and therapy, but also in movement exploration both in the context of education and choreography.

BEING MOTION – Irene Sposetti (Italy) & Johan Nilsson (Sweden)

Irene and Johan are two artists in dance and music, sharing their love for life and their aspirations; together they live, teach, perform and organize artistic events. They created Being Motion in 2011, meeting point of their experiences, visions and artistic paths; Being Motion is a platform for research, co-creation and diffusion of their dance practice. They have been teaching mainly in Sweden and India, in professional dance centers – Balletakademien (Stockholm), Ials (Roma) and Gati (Delhi), to dance companies such as Danceworx (Delhi/Mumbay). They offer workshops in schools, studios, yoga centers and cultural institutions (Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona, Goa, Auroville, Pune, Bangalore, Peking and Hongkong). They have been participating as teachers and performers in numerous dance and yoga festivals all over Europe: Contact Improvisation festivals of Freiburg, Vienna, Poland, Ester Impro, CmC, Ibiza, NIM, Glarisegg, Goa, Malmö, Avayava-Contemporary dance festival, No Mind, Yoda, Space of Love yoga festivals. They organize dance retreats and workshops in Nature, awakening the connection between Body-Movement-Presence with the world of plants and their ecological systems, with natural environments and their specific energies.

They usually perform in duo collaborating with musicians in the frame of Improvisation, combining movement, music and spoken words. They also direct performances in association to their pedagogic programs, collaborating with dancers and visual artists. They performed “RISE” in 2012-13 in Auroville and Avayava contemporary dance festival (India) and Yoda festival (Stockholm). Their video “Moments of practice with Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson” won the bronze price in the CI video festival of Toronto 2013. They play a range of instruments and collaborate with other musicians to create and explore sound landscapes for movement, dance improvisation sessions and festivals. They work as well with Voice, Nada Yoga and Singing, related to body awareness, movement and group improvisations. www.beingmotion.org


Lin Xiuqing (China)

Lin Xiuqing is a visual artist based in Xiamen China. She loves and enjoyes spontaneous dance in which she has been involved for the last couple of year. She was invited by Dutch artist Dirk van Lieshout to participate in his installation performance “Tea House”, which was exhibited at the Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) in Xiamen, SongZhuang museum in Beijing, Redtory Art & Design Factory in Guangzhou.

In 2013 her work ”A Moment made me think” was in the drawing exhibition of China-Belgium “THE SKY TOUCHES THE EARTH AND THE EARTH” at Art College of Xiamen University and she had a solo exhibition of graduation from Xiamen Uiversity “Untitled-Motivation” at CEAC where she received very positive feedback and admiration for her work by many artists, including Sigurdur Gudmundsson and Ineke Gudmundsson, Prof.Qinjian, dean of CEAC.

Lin’s visual art works portrays her understanding and point of view of certain unintentional conducts in daily life. Dance improvisation gave her a lot of inspirations from which she also found positive ways of living. She pays special attention to how people manage to solve the problems in flexible way in daily life by their own to meet their basic needs under poor living conditions. Those casual and simple conducts, which are full of wisdom in her eyes, embody their unsophisticated values of life. She always observes closely at the optimism between people and space, people and objects and human relations, as well as the friendly attitude and way of living. She can bridge the unrelated objects by discovering their bonds, which may be interpreted as a way to find and build a context for dialogue and thoughts in the level of life and culture at different times and in different spaces.

Life is Art and Art is Life. Lin created Within itself Release Company(WIRC)to extend her perspective in art and life. She has invited Vangelis Legakis to give workshop of his special view of dance and improvisation in Xiamen. Her willing of organizing cultural workshops is to make more people rediscover dance and art, and make it a daily theme, become a way to relax and release, but not a high technique which is far to touch for everybody. She is eager to bring life into art, and bring real art into life, share the thoughts and creativity from artists, to improve the public awareness in art.

In 2012 Lin met Vangelis Legakis (GREECE/UK) when she was invited to collaborate at the installation “Undying Home” at CEAC (Chinese European Arts Center). Afterwards, she participated in Vangelis’s dance improvisation workshop at CCDC Hongkong; and in the project “1st International Interdisciplinary No Borders project – 2012” in Chaing Mai, Thailand. During this project, she co-created a dance improvisation performance with another 21 international dance artists at the College of Dramatic Art in Chaing Mai. Within the No Borders project she also created her own installation and performance work “Possibilities in Two”.



Iina Taijonlahti (FINLAND)
Ianthe Goodwin (AUSTRALIA)
Matthew Shilcock (AUSTRALIA)
Goeff Grencynski (USA)
Tomoko Inoue (JAPAN)
Lata Tomoko Takahashi (JAPAN)
David Labanca (ITALY)
Sylvain Meret (FRANCE-HOLLAND)
Katjia (UKRAINE)
Igor Curic (SLOVENIA)
Sandra Dorem (SLOVENIA)
Sarah Shashkes Sarit (ISRAEL)
Acerina Ramos Amador (SPAIN)
Alva Wu (CHINA)
ReaD Duyu (CHINA)
Lee Peng (CHINA)
Miya (CHINA)
Yin Ping (CHINA)
Chak Leung Tin (HONG KONG)
Wong Yuk Tak (HONG KONG)
Cheung Kwan Yu (HONG KONG)
Cheryl Ong (SINGAPORE)
Neon Yan Zong (SINGAPORE)
Joshua Serafin (PHILIPPINES)
Raul Goswami (INDIA)

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