Cansu Izge Ince | TU

Cansu Ezgi Ince is a actress, dancer and performer from Istanbul, Turkey. She is still studying Acting in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Department. She has worked with many directors from Europe in many projects. With her first solo project I, Ulrike, Shout she has got accepted in UWE Festival in Germany. Since last year she has been asking questions to herself as an artist and wants to share her answers through her performances to public.

Project | 17th January – 25th March 2018

Water of Life

Who is this life for? For you, for me or for ‘an-other’? Can life exist for me without you?Thank you Australia to open your doors to me and let me live, explore and create in this land. And now it’s my turn to open my doors to you from my heart to discover a performer from 15.000 km away. Lands full of passion, joy, love and pleasure. Be my partner in my lands and discover my world. Be 24 years old, be my body, be a dancer, be my air, my rules, my culture, my words, and feelings. All of you are welcome to discover how it feels to be like me.

Presented at the Abbotsford Convent – Melbourne and Ready Made Works – Sydney

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