Rediscovering the Self for a Greater Community


All the projects we create have an interdisciplinary focus because we believe in one main essence: integration builds wholeness and harmony. We have been researching for many years in the fields of the arts, healing modalities, chi gong, yoga, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and physics to extract and unearth elements and methodologies that can offer the right environment for learning and evolution. Our main objective is to find the space of harmony, where the human being is integrated within itself, within a relationship (including: love, family, work, friendship) and within a community – where each personality plays an integral part to the whole. 

Education is vitally important to us as a vehicle to bring harmony within the self, in the families and to the communities. All of our projects are tailored to be inclusive of each participants professional background as well as their culture, ethnicity, gender, age and religious beliefs. The human being is by nature a social being and dance nurtures cultural and social diversity and interaction.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body” Martha Graham

Every December in a different country and city


The No Borders project aims to bridge encounters between dance, music, photography, film, conceptual arts, philosophy and spirituality to create an environment for free expression and creation through dance. The collaborators-participants will focus on researching and reflecting on the subject matters of borders, identity and cross-cultural communication to identify, eliminate, and within such a collective context, go beyond their own individual limits.

Every August in Tenerife, SPAIN


An Integration of dance with healing modalities, chi gong and yoga. The main focus of this project is the study and integration of the meridians, five elements and the Yin & Yang energies of the individual self, interconnected with Nature. We travel through the island to the volcano and the sea, to connect with the fire and water elements, and we work in the studio to create solo pieces. Each solo work culminates in a final performance at Teatro Victoria.

Every year in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


“Re-cast all your belief systems, dance from your heart and set your soul free.”
This project is dedicated to bridge life with dance and dance with life by looking into oneself to rediscover new aspects of relating with each other and the universe. There is nothing more important than directing consciousness with the right intention to self develop, find relationship equilibrium and a collective harmony. The “Dance and Being art” project is a unique synthesis of Dance, Contact Improvisation, Chi Gong, Yoga, healing and meditation which integrates the Chinese five elements system, their function, how they interconnect with the human body and nature.

Every November in Thailand


An Integration of dance Flying Low & Passing Through with healing modalities of Craniosacral & Thai Msasage, chi gong & yoga. Main focus is the study and integration of the above modalities to advance dance pedagogue, performance and choreographic processes. Vangelis invited some of his great teachers to teach their modalities including David Zambrano who is teaching Flying Low and Passing Through.

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