Registration & Balance Due:

Upon acceptance to the projects / festivals, the full payment* for the project / festivals need to be completed in full on the date agreed with the organisation.  If we do not receive payment in full on time, your place maybe offered to someone on the waiting list.

Late registration: If you register for the project / festival closer to the commencement date, the full tuition will need to be paid at your first convenience to reserve your spot.

Once you made a payment, investment is non-refundable.


Cancellation & Refund Policy:

If a project participant withdraws from the project / festival, full investment is forfeited or, you may differ to another projects / workshops / festivals /courses organized by Unity Space or you may give your spots to your friends, partner, or your family member. The above possible arrangement will need to be within one year time counting from the original course commencement date, which you were supposed to attend.


Registration & Balance Due:

Please make your full payment as soon as you complete your registration to reserve your spot.

Once you make a payment, the fee is non-refundable.


Payment Methods:

Investment and workshop fees can be paid by paypal, bank transfer, transferwise, or stickytickets.

Please Note:

If you select paypal to pay, additional handling fee of 3 % or 4 % depending on the country and currency you are sending money from, will be charged.

The organization will not cover the extra charges for bank transfer, exchange fee nor any other extra fee that may be caused by the payment option of your choice.

After you complete your payment, we kindly ask you to send us a receipt of your payment to: info@unityspace.org


Event Cancellation:

In the unlikely event the course is canceled, we will rearrange the same course specifically for your participation and we will ask you for your availability and willingness to join. If you are unable to join, full payments including deposit is refunded.

Travel expenditures including but not limited to flight tickets, transportation, and accommodation, will not be reimbursed and are considered each individual’s own liability.


Delayed flights and travel:

In case the participant will be delayed from the event due to a delay of the travel (traffic or cancellation of flights/train/ferry), the organizer will not cover any fee for the loss of time in the course at all events. The participant is responsible to inform the organization in case of late arrival.


Declined entrance to the country:

In case the participant will not be able to enter the country due to any problems at the immigration (eg. expired or declined visa, missing travel or ID documents, any dangerous goods in carry-ons), the organizer will not refund any expenses the participant may have paid up to that date. Also the organizer will not carry any financial responsibility on costs if the participant has to return from the place where the event is held due to any declined entry issues.


Injuries and Illness:

In case of injuries and illness, the organizer will provide a necessary first aid kit and advisory for further professional healthcare at the event commence area. The participant is self-responsible to carry with any personal medicine and search immediately for professional healthcare in case of injuries and illness. Any costs of health-related treatments (such as doctors and hospital visits, physiotherapy or medicine) including any possible travel costs to the health care, will be covered by the participant or the participants personal insurance.


Liability Waiver:

The organizer shall not be held responsible for any injury, death, accident, illness, delay, loss of personal belongings, theft, damage, act of negligence, or irregularity or any damage occasioned by any cause by the participants. The participant is recommended to not leave any personal belongings unprotected, and be responsible for their well-being as well as be aware and mindful about the well-being of other participants and the teachers involved in the course. If you have any concerns for your health condition, we recommend that you consult your doctors or physician before beginning any events.

The participant is also recommended to travel with a travel insurance that covers the health, loss and damage of personal belongings, travel, and theft. The organizer is not responsible for controlling the participants insurance, and will not carry any financial responsibility if the participant will attend any events or courses without  insurance.


Video and Photography Talent Release:

We will be taking videos and photos during the courses which will be used solely for promotion purposes. If you wish to opt and not be included for any personal reasons, do let us know. If you do not opt out, the organizer has the full rights to use this material for further promotion and publicity of further events.

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