Abbotsford Convent, MELBOURNE
15 – 17 November 2019



Embodied Unity is created by the Unity Space artistic director, Vangelis Legakis, which is a practice and philosophy integrating the profound disciplines of dance, chi gong and yoga to:

  • heal the self and unite Body, Mind & Spirit (Individual-self),

  • balance relationships (Relationship-self),

  • find harmony in the society; Family, City, Country, World (Collective-self).

To reach to the relationship and the society we need to firstly focus on healing the self, find equilibrium between yin and yang energies, and mindfully meditate and pray to find true love and liberation. The Relationship and Collective selves contribute into the individual-self growth, harmony and development which reflects-back its inner peace and love to the relationship and society.

Legakis has chosen these three mediums of Dance, Chi Gong and Yoga because all bring a holistic approach.

Each one of these three strong disciplines encompass different styles and values.

  • Dance creates a unique self-discovery and growth as well as it creates a social environment in which relationship and the collective selves can develop. It encompasses: Flying Low & Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Release & Experiential Anatomy, Performance & Choreography.

  • Chi Gong has a high focus on the good use of energy to fortify and unite body, mind and spirit. It also encompasses diverse Martial Arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun for self-development and Taoist Partnering Philosophy for the relationship growth.

  • Yoga also fortifies and unites body, mind and spirit and encompasses Kundalini, Hatha for self-development and Tantra for relationship development.

Chi Gong & Yoga create a wholesome unity for self-development which is the foundations for the relationship and collective selves to flourish.

Within these three spectrums Legakis incorporates healing modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Thai and Abdominal Therapeutic Massage (Tsi Nei Tsang), Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment, Craniosacral, Cosmic Healing Chi Gong and meditation for healing, harmonise yin & yang and freedom.

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