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Felicia Avalos is a performer, choreographer, educator, and published writer based in Washington, DC. She received her BFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University. Her last semester she completed the Dance Abroad Argentina program in Buenos Aires, where she began her tango training. After moving to Washington, DC, she worked professionally with Kista Tucker Dance Inc., Mich Mash Productions, Taurus Broadhurst, and Sharna Fabiano Tango Company, as well as an assistant tango instructor for Tango Mercurio. Shortly after, Felicia spent ten months training with the MASA Dance Journey in northern Israel where she was able to work with well-known guest artists, perform around the country, and showcase her choreography. Avalos was accepted into the graduate dance program at The George Washington University, where she received a university fellowship. Her thesis topic was on Mexican and Central American immigration told through her father’s story of crossing the Mexican border into the United States. Felicia completed her MFA in Dance from GWU in the fall of 2015 and performed with Maida Withers Dance Construction Company and Maru Montero Dance Company throughout her graduate program to the fall of 2016. She received the Maida Withers Dance Construction Company Innovation Award based on her thesis concert. An excerpt of her thesis was selected for Movement Research at Judson Church in New York City. Avalos is now focusing on touring her works globally.

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Project | 6th June – 6th September 2017

A research focusing on the current situation in New Mexico

For few years now I have been exploring merging mixed martial arts (MMA) and modern dance. For almost three years now I have become active in my Muay Thai boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu training. It comes naturally and I am able to use my foundation as a dancer in my fight classes. I am inspired by MMA movement vocabulary and have incorporated it in my past work

Through this residency, I plan to develop a new piece on the topic of the water crisis in Mexico City. Based on my preliminary research, the disastrous climate change situation has brought on a number of serious threats to the citizens of Mexico City. These threats come in many forms such as floods and droughts and I intend to find ways to incorporate the hardships the people of Mexico City have to endure with this catastrophe, with my personal aesthetic.


Presented at the Gertrude Street Yoga Studio

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