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Photo by: Bubusława Górny


Sonia Egner

Dancing has been one of my biggest interests since I was a child. I established the starting point of my dance career in the age of 10 by passing auditions to the Ballet School in Poland. By then, I would imagine dance profession as something simple, something that did not require sacrifice and effort. I would watch movies about ballerinas and dream to live their beautiful lives – wearing a white tutu and throwing my legs in the air. Sometime passed and I became more aware of what dancing meant to me and what role it played in my life. The current dancing career had brought me some precious moments that had important impact on my personal development. One of those moments that I will definitely keep recalling was meeting Merce Cunningham, when I took the workshops at Cunningham Dance Studio in New York. Standing face to face with a history of modern dance was a priceless feeling.

Aneta Socowa

I am a dancer with 23 years of experience, choreographer and certified dance instructor, Hypnotherapist and therapist for pregnant women, infants and athletes. Despite the enormous experience, constantly working on increasing the possibilities of her own body and mind – practicing yoga and pilates. Dancing is her greatest passion, and immediately after the work with the youngest and their parents. Conducts instruction for massage Shantali intended for babies. During the classes specifically for women she puts impact on full feminine movements and works on a beautiful silhouettes. While training with children and young people focuses on dance technique, the development of emotionality and sensitivity of the young dancer. It attaches great importance to the musicality and rhythm. She is committed to continuing to expand the knowledge of methods and techniques of physiotherapy work on the body in terms of science movement, to ensure her students have the highest level of activities and safety.

Project | 1st July – 30th September 2017


In 2013 Project Migration* was born. I made a creative, multidisciplinary and multicultural short dance video ,,MIGRATION III” ** with the region where I was born – Silesia, in the background. The metaphorical story about migration as omnipresent movement which has its positive and negative effects, and the evolution that is taking place not only around us, but in ourselves, was told. “Migration” is a phenomenon that occurs in every area of life from biology, astronomy by up to sociology.

Project Migration presupposed to consist of three parts:

MIGRATION I – dance installation

MIGRATION II – dance performance

MIGRATION III – short dance video

As I decided to start contrary from the bottom of the list, the next part of the project and idea to follow is a dance performance.



This time I would like to take a closer look at the topic on Women Empowerment which in last year’s became a very important issue around the world. In my country, Poland, women are strongly fighting with government for their rights and free choice to take decision about their bodies. My goal is to make a collaborative project, combining dance and video, as I love to mix different art fields, and show women as strong, powerful, creative, diverse, intelligent, talented, living freely their life’s, making their own choices and decisions, full of self-worth and dignity creatures.

Presented at the Gertrude Street Yoga Studio

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