Sophie Gargan | NZ

For 24-year-old Sophie Gargan, that space for enjoyment is dance.

When dancing, Gargan, of New Plymouth, feels like her most authentic self; she feels every emotion, especially happiness.  In the past she has run a space for people to dance for the love of it – with the lights off and the music up.  It wasn’t a lesson, although Gargan is a trained contemporary dancer. Instead it was a safe space to let loose and dance without judgement.

Project | 1 November – 1 December 2019

World Dance

A shedding of skins, of layers being peeled back and back further more, peel, peeling. You don’t understand you say? That’s ok I reply, because soon, not understanding will become understanding. Just as not knowing, will become knowing. We begin to access the body out of this unnatural state of over saturation.

Choreography and Performance by Sophie Gargan

Presented at The Space | Dance & Arts Centre – Melbourne and The Drill | Critical Path – Sydney

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