Adrina Petrosian | ARM x AUS

Adrina Petrosian, Armenian in origin, began her dance training at the Borovansky Edouard Memorial Ballet Academy in Australia. Exploring different styles of dance, she continued her studies with a Cert IV in Creative Arts, majoring in dance, as well as Cert IV in Dance Teaching and Management with the Australian Teachers of Dancing.

She connected with contemporary dance and exploration of movement, and is currently engaged in creating new choreographic works and collaborating with diverse communities in Australia and abroad.

I m a dance artist, choreographer, community collaborator and designer, discovering new art forms, creative projects, and experiential movements in dance. |

Project | 1 November – 1 December 2019


Sar is an experimental work of cultural and contemporary movement. The piece explores the human connection to place, with a choreographic work that embraces improvised performance and diversity.

Choreography & Concept by Adrina Petrosian

Dancers: Adrina Petrosian, Yixuan Xu Crystal, Natasha Eracleous, Weichen Cui, Kaija Nunis

Presented at The Space | Dance & Arts Centre – Melbourne and The Drill | Critical Path – Sydney

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